Take off-walking Drones lonely in the sky

Stars walking lonely in the sky…a wonderful Turkish art music composed by Teoman Alpay,song by Munir Ebcioglu in Nihavend tune.Most probably stars that walking lonely in the sky will be saved from loneliness.I can hear your questions like how..With the help of unmanned aerial vehicle called -Drone.

Drones that can fly,take photos,can be directed by entering location info,light emitting,fly in silent,ease human life,be used in various purposes are going to take their places in our daily lifes.


One of trone type called Multicopter(appr.1,5 kg weighted and requiring professional usage)has been started using in Germany and they are with the numbers of 400.000.

Drones will ease human lifes in fields such as helath,logistics,marketing,visual media.For instance;world famous marketing site Amazon presented “30 minutes delivery”opton to its users.With this option;delivery is started by clicking “30 min.prime”by Drones.First of all;product is prepared with special locked plastic box.It passes through a band which Drone waiting at the end.Product is loading to Drone and Drone puts delivery to the customer address just front door!

All that it means;Drones will be at the tips of our fingers and it is not so difficult to fly no longer.By the way;both supplier and customer can receive actual locations of Drones.They can see remaining time for delivery.At this case;humans shouting “freedom”were shooted a film that Drones acted called “A love Story in the Robot Skies”.

In the future;it is also planning to organize Formula formatted for only Drones.For this type of competitions;one race track was built in Dubai.

Finally;drones will add new breaths of fresh into new world order “smart lifes”by flying in the sky.

dron görsel 4



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