Fantastic Lightness of Simplicity

We,as Human Beings,are living like prisoners of stuffs in our complex worlds.This kind of lifestyle is making attractive by publishing organs via various ways.Well,have you ever thought in reality how many  of the stuffs are you using?Or how many of them makes you happy?At this point;I want to suggest you a benefical book.

Called as “Spark Joy”written by Marie Kondo with 5 million copies all over the world in bestseller lists ,is like a fixture for your library.Marie wrote with the inspration of Japanese lifestyle and culture,includes tipps for how to make your home as a happy home,how to store all of your stuffs(e.g.books,clothes,documents,komonos,sentimental items)in a simple way.Also with the help of the special folding technique that she developed,you will save more spaces at your wardrobes.

At first;Marie Kondo suggests to divide your stuffs acording to giving you spark joy or not.Actually,this method was created by spiritually Non-dualism in Japanese culture.It means,reality of connection between living&non-living things.Also like Kimono and Furoshiki in Japanese culture;folding techniques are very common and consists  deep meanings.

Folding technique proposed by Marie Kondo make us to replace everything that comes to your minds in a proper way to your wardrobes.

After reading “Spark Joy”you will notice that you bought a lot of things in the past than you need and organize everything according to make you spark joy as an action plan.

As you see Marie Kondo related videos in Youtube;Marie Kondo’s techniques are very popular in USA.First of all;you will kiss your unused socks and say “goodbye”Believe me the last scene will be dozens of bags including obsolete stuffs:)






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